Spring is for Self-Improvement

Spring has arrived! Here in Montana, we get snow through June sometimes. It snowed this week in my hometown! Regardless, once the temperature reaches 50 degrees, everyone immediately dons shorts and t-shirts and soak in the stranger we call the Sun. With Spring comes the need to cleanse ourselves and our homes, an influx of fresh fruits and veggies, and the shedding of baggy winter clothes. The time has come for some new goals. I was reading through my old blogs as I was re-vamping the site and came across my keys to weight loss. I have gained half the weight back in the last 2 years, and am struggling with the motivation to change. Discovering my food allergies actually added weight because I stopped eating a balanced diet and instead began treating myself to every allergy-friendly snack I could find. It has been a mental struggle, to say the least. So the time has come to make new goals! I can’t believe I forgot how much the goals I made before helped me through. I made three big goals last time, and met and exceeded each. I know that I can do this again – anything can be achieved with dedication.

1. Lose 10 pounds by September 1st. This will place me back at the weight I was after losing 30 pounds. 

2. Complete 150 miles worth of cardio by September 1st. This can be completed by running, elliptical, stairmaster, biking, etc. I set a 600 mile goal for 9 months previously, which I exceeded.

3. Lose 1-2 pant sizes, so I can comfortably fit back into those jeans I bought 2 years ago!

4. DO NOT CONSUME the foods that I am allergic to through September 1st. This starts TODAY, not tomorrow, not Monday. Of course, I’d like to continue that further, however setting a time limit will help with motivation. My hope is that after 3 months allergy-free, I won’t crave them like I do now. This has been the biggest struggle for me in 2013…

Inquiring minds want to know…what is your favorite part of Spring? Do you struggle with motivation to live a healthy lifestyle? What goals are you working towards?


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