Green Mango Power Smoothie


I start every morning with a protein smoothie. What I put in it depends on what I have in the kitchen. However, there are main staples that I put in there every day. These are Sun Warrior protein powder, maca powder, and greens. I love this protein powder because it is vegan and gluten free, which is awesome for my sensitive tummy. It is made from a blend of pea, hemp, and cranberry proteins, and sweetened with a touch of stevia. Maca powder is made from a root that the Incas use for vitality, endurance, endocrine function, and its wonderful complex of amino acids. Greens are something that I have just started putting in my smoothies in the last month, but I put them in every day. A large handful of baby kale yields over 100% of my daily intake of vitamins A, C, and K, as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium, and many other essential nutrients. A great way to start the day! Other additions that I commonly use are fresh mint, fresh lime juice (bought a giant bag of limes from Costco for cheap!), Matcha (powdered green tea – high in antioxidants and a nice caffeine boost), chia/hemp/flax seeds, and coconut or fish oil. This ensures my breakfast is a fantastic balance of protein, carbs, fats, and nutrients. I made this smoothie recently, throwing in this and that and it was AMAZING. Seriously – make it. If you don’t have all the ingredients, don’t fret! I’ve had smoothies every morning for breakfast for years now. Experiment!

Green Mango Power Smoothie
Serves 1

8 oz water, milk, or chilled tea
1 large handful of greens such as kale, spinach, or chard
1/5 of an english cucumber, with peel
fresh mint leaves (I use 5-10 leaves)
Juice of 1 lime
1/2 tsp matcha powder
1 tsp maca powder
1 scoop protein powder
1/2 to 1 C frozen or fresh mango
1/4 C coconut or dairy yogurt

Place ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add more liquid if desired. NOTE: if you have an average kitchen blender like myself, it may help to blend just the greens and liquid first. This is especially true with tougher greens like kale. I blend it up until smooth, then add everything else and blend until smooth again.

Do you make smoothies? What are your favorite additions?


2 thoughts on “Green Mango Power Smoothie

  1. Thanks for your smoothie posts Arielle. I learned how to make healthy smoothies by reading about them on your page.I just left Wal-Mart. with some kale which I have never ate. Im l looking forward to making a smoothie with kale for the first time today:)

  2. That’s fantastic, Donna, I’m so glad! Did you buy frozen or fresh kale? I haven’t used frozen, but with fresh kale make sure you take out the stems and bigger veins. I found it helps even with the baby kale to remove the stems – they are tough and harder to blend in an average kitchen blender.

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