Running like a Maniac

I am ashamed to see how long it has been since I last posted! We were busy for a while after Elliott came home but now we’re back to our day-to-day routine.

I am pleased to say that the Rugged Maniac race in Englishtown, NJ was a blast. I was exhausted at the end, and ready make the 6 hour drive to VA again, but was happy and proud. My goals for the race did not include finishing by a certain time, but instead consisted of running the whole race and making it up over all of the barricades by myself (ranging from 3-7 feet high). I ran the entire time (aside from having to wait for my turn for an obstacle and stopping once for water), even though towards the very end, I slowed down quite a bit. I also made it up over every barricade by myself except one. This barricade was towering (it seemed larger than 7 feet), and my legs were too short to reach the only step on it. Luckily a man was nice enough to boost me up over the top. Other than that, it was all me, baby!

Now that it’s over, I’m ready to take the next step. Having something specific to train for is immensely helpful in finding motivation. So Elliott and I signed up as a couple’s team in another mud/obstacle race, this one an 8k (roughly 5 miles) and only a mile or so away from our apartment (on base). I’m very excited to do another challenging race, and to have my husband running with me this time. This race takes place on the 13th of August, so I have about 2.5 weeks left to train. As of yesterday, my greatest running distance is now 4 miles without stopping. This makes me pretty confident, though I know this race is going to be a challenge. I am very excited to work up to running 5 miles at a time, as this was a goal I set for myself to reach at some point this summer anyways. Because the race is so soon, I’ll have to work on running 4.5 miles next week, and 5 the week after that. My training for the last couple months has had to be fast paced to work up to the race distances, but I have thrived despite that. Just a few months ago I could only run 1 mile on the treadmill, and now I’m running 4 miles outside (which is tougher but overall much more enjoyable than a boring treadmill).

Shortly (less than a week) after our next race, we will begin our road trip across the country to move home to Montana. We’ll be taking our sweet time, stopping in FL to see the Kennedy Space Center, then over to AZ to see some family for a few days, then up through CA to visit some friends before heading home to Kalispell. I am very excited for our road trip (not to mention going home for the first time in 2 years to see all of our beloved, and to go out into the mountains again, swim in the clean lakes, enjoy the smell of pine, and all of the other simple pleasures that I miss dearly. I have come to realize the utter necessity of having these people and outdoor wonders in my life). However, I am concerned with the toll that the road trip will take on me. I am used to daily exercise paired with healthy meals, and 2+ weeks of sitting in the car and access to mostly fast food and junk foods is worrying. While some of those foods may be unavoidable due to the unavailability to healthier choices, I want to do my best. Not only to avoid weight gain, but for my well-being. Having that drastic of a change in exercise and diet is sure to make me feel ill and restless, to say the least. So for the next couple weeks I will be searching the internet for healthy alternatives and exercise ideas (if you have any ideas, please share them!)

I have a feeling that the next couple weeks are going to seem very long – all I want to do is go home, and I don’t have much to do until then. Perhaps researching these things and blogging about it will help 🙂


2 thoughts on “Running like a Maniac

  1. Buy resistance bands for lightweight and portable resistance training in your hotel room! Also, find some plyometric exercises you like and do 20 minutes worth 6 times a week plus 3 times a week of resistance training. You don’t need a treadmill or ellyptical for that!

    As far as eating, try going to the grocery store a couple times a week to stock up on clean foods. Canned tuna is a great choice to lean protein. Stock up on protein bars, too to tide you over between meals.

    I’m sooo excited for you that you’re moving back to MT! I’m jealous!!! I’ve been greatly missing it.

  2. I’ll have to look into resistance bands! I’d love to pack tuna, but it actually upsets my stomach (even albacore packed in water). Can you suggest a good protein bar? Ideally I guess I’d like one that is more filling than a granola bar but doesn’t have a ton of calories since I’ll need to watch that.

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