Finishing week 2

Okay, so I’ve been a bad blogger. I know I wanted to blog at least once a week, but last week was finals and I just couldn’t spare the time to blog. I’ll try to get better, but my husband returns from this long deployment this month, and after that may be interesting. But I’ll do my best! I have to, dang it!

So, I’ve made quite a bit of progress and have somewhat impressed myself at the gym. Last week I set out to run 2.75 miles each day. I ran twice last week (seems like I have to do the third cardio session of the week on a different machine to keep from developing shin splints). The first day I ran 2.75 miles and then decided to go to 3 miles, and then kept going after that! I felt so good that I ran straight through to 3.6 miles, which was phenomenal for me. After a couple days I hopped on the treadmill again and ran the 5k nature trail setting, which alternated the grade between 0.2 – 1.5%. It’s not much, but I wanted to start at a low level to test it out. I plan on bumping it up a level or two for the next couple weeks, and then I’ll start running outside.

My original plan was to lift weights 3 days a week – one day each for upper body, lower body, and abs. However, I’m getting pretty toned on the upper body and am a little concerned that I’ll take it too far and get macho. For the next couple weeks I plan to have one day for lower body and two days for abs, and incorporate a couple arm moves to maintain my strength. I will probably resume lifting closer to the race just to make sure I’m prepared, but I’m going to cool it for a couple weeks and see how that affects me.

I weighed myself again today, and apparently gained a pound since last Monday. However, I had just had 24 ounces of water within an hour of going to the gym, so I’m sure that’s where the weight came from. I’m not concerned about it. I’m not too concerned with my weight now – I’m mostly focused on concentrating on spots that still need toning.

I’m starting to feel like it’s crunch time, not for the race but for my husband to return. Which in essence means crunch time for the gym, because I know I won’t be going 6 days a week for the first little while after he comes home. After that, though, he’s gonna have to come to the gym with me!   🙂 Overall, I’m feeling really great about training for this race and I know I’m going to do fantastic.


One thought on “Finishing week 2

  1. Love that you’re doing cardio a lot. Make sure to only lift weights every other day (if working the same area).

    I’m super excited for your Rugged Maniac Training! I wish that had something out here!

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