Rugged Maniac Training – Week One

The plan for this week is to run on the treadmill 3 days for 2 miles straight each. The other three days (and a day off because I’m at the college for 12 hours) will be for strength training. Yesterday I worked on lower body – my hamstrings are a little tight today, but I’m not really sore. I find that I rarely get sore these days – but I think that’s about to change. I’m going to incorporate more and more plyo into my routine as the weeks progress, and that should kick my booty into shape (quite literally!). Today was a running day.

Starting conditions:
Remaining trail of a headache (had taken some Excedrin and laid in bed for 20 minutes to recuperate). Still sensitive but manageable.
50 minutes of yoga to warm up.

The run:
Warmed up with 5 minutes of walking (total of 0.3 miles), starting at 3 mph and working up to 4 mph.
Started jogging after 5 minutes at 5.2 mph, slowed down to 5.1 mph because of a side cramp.
Ran through 2 miles, and decided to keep going. The last push was pretty challenging, but I finished with 2.5 miles of running straight!
Cool down walking for 0.45 miles for a grand total of 3.25 miles.

Finishing up:
Stretched for roughly 10 minutes after cool down walking
Headache gone, feel great physically, and proud for really pushing myself hard tonight!

For being the first running day of my training, I’m really pleased. Not only did I run the planned 2 miles, but an additional half a mile on top of that. This is the farthest I’ve ever run without stopping. I normally run at a faster pace, but I’m glad I slowed it down by a couple tenths of a mph because it enabled me to go further, which is what I need right now. Tomorrow I’m back on the treadmill, and now that I know I can, I’m going for 2.5 miles again! I’m going to make sure to stretch well again tonight, probably do an hour of yoga before bed. When it comes to running, I find that the more I stretch, the better I feel during and after my run.  A great running day, looking forward to tomorrow!


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