Well, I’ve done it! I weighed myself yesterday, and I have officially lost 30.5 pounds since my husband deployed. This calls for a celebration, bring out the cake! [I wish!]

It feels fantastic to have succeeded in reaching a goal that I didn’t truly expect to reach. When I first started, I had three main goals:
1. Reach a mile count of 500 by the time my husband returns
2. Lose 30 pounds
3. Lose 4 pant sizes

After a few months, the group decided to extend the mileage amount because of the longer deployment, so we’re striving for 600 instead of 500. However, as of yesterday I only have 21 miles left and 4 weeks to do it, so it’s no problem. I realized that I reached goal #3 a couple weeks ago when I tried on some clothes, and was surprised to find I had actually lost enough to wear shorts 4 sizes smaller than before. And as of yesterday, I weighed myself (as with every Monday) and have reached goal #2! I am so thrilled and honestly, I’m proud of myself. I didn’t expect to reach these goals, but set them for myself anyways. And here I am today, about to complete the third goal within a week or so. This has been a wonderful adventure for me, physically and mentally, and I am excited to branch out and try new and exciting things. Because I CAN! You can do anything you set your mind to, and I am determined to keep rocking 🙂


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